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ANNO DESIGN OFFICE is a design company based in central Tokyo. We have been aiming to design unique and innovative consumer products since we launched. We have the all qualities required for being a profitable in your future design business activities.

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Representative Director: Yukichi Anno

Special field: Industrial design, Product design and 3D modeling.

The product areas we have experience of are diverse, for example, light electrical appliances, precision instruments, general goods, industrial equipments, and furniture. We promise you our experience and knowledge of designing products will ensure that you are completely satisfied. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime you want to design products!


Address: 4-10-1-809, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 102-0072
TEL/FAX: +81-(0)3-5579-8709
e-mail: info@anno-design.co.jp
URL: www.anno-design.co.jp